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Aircon, Incorporated
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Windham, Maine 04062

Phone: (207) 373-0700
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David Cupka
(207) 615-6255 cell

Todd Flaherty 
(207) 504-1194 cell


See Our Line Card Below Where We Proudly Represent Various Products From The Following Companies:


                                  AirCon Incorporated                      

 207-373-0700 P    207-373-0702 F

       Todd Flaherty  David Cupka
207-504-1194 207-615-6255 

    Energy Recovery Products Model Ne Pool Dehumidifiers
      Model FV 500-9500 cfm Energy Recycling Dehumidifiers
      Model EQ 2000-15000 cfm Direct Drive Plug Fans
Pinnacle Dedicated 100% OA Unit InterNet Based Diagnostics
Passive And Active Chilled Beams


         Classroom Air Handlers Manufacturer    Variable Refrigerant Volume Systems     Replacement Product                 
         Geothermal Heatpump Ductless Split Systems  Heating and Cooling Coils
Energy Recovery Single, Dual & Tri-Zones  Variable Dimension Air Handlers   Self-Contained or Split Cooling   Dry Coolers
Steam, Hot Water, Electric, Gas Heat  Blower Coils, Fan Coils, Cab Heaters



     100% Outside Air Products Geothermal Products      Gas Fired Handling Terminal Units                
       Packaged Rooftops (3-30 tons) Packaged Rooftops (3-30 tons) Direct/Indirect Fired Unit Heaters
     Split Systems (4-35 tons) Water to Water (8-35 tons)          Air Rotation         Duct Furnaces 




Fan Products Energy Recovery Products      Air Distribution Products   
Circular/Rectangular Duct Fans Indoor/Outdoor    Horizontal/Vertical High Performance Diffusers/Grilles
Aluminum Enthalpy Wheels 
ECM Motors
Factory Mounted Controls          

Combination Valve Packages   Humidification Products
  Electronic Steam, Steam to Steam
Atomizing and High P Water Systems



Modular Air Handlers     Quiet Plus Vav Boxes                          


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