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About Us

Aircon, Incorporated is a quality commercial air conditioning company established in 2006.  The birth of this prestigious corporation was created from a vision to provide the highest quality products as well as unmatched service and support to the commercial HVAC industry. This vision still exists and remains as the common standard of the entire Aircon, Inc. sales team. 


The co-founders, Todd Flaherty and Dave Cupka, collectively boast over 55 years of continuous success in the HVAC industry. 

Todd is a native of Maine and a graduate of the University of Maine-Orono with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since then he has accumulated more than 25 years in the engineering, design and sales of HVAC equipment.


Dave began his career as an air conditioning and refrigeration specialist in the United States Air Force shortly after graduating high school in Connecticut. He now looks back at more than 38 years in the service and sales of commercial HVAC equipment.


     Aircon, Inc. is a unique company that prides itself in representing the most energy efficient and highest quality product lines found in our industry. Aircon, Inc. runs unparalleled with any other company of its type as it offers versatile niche-products difficult to get anywhere else! Our team is well equipped, well established, and operates around trained experts who understand the HVAC industry from start to finish.


We work closely with design engineers, architects, building owners and mechanical contractors in an effort to provide the best systems for their individual needs. If you have ever done business with Aircon, Inc. you have undoubtedly witnessed the owners themselves visiting the job site to ensure that the project begins and ends successfully to the full satisfaction of the buyer! 

    We love adapting to our buyers’ preferences and we strive to establish only the healthiest of relationships with them, even long after the initial purchase. Most importantly, we understand that service after the sale is just as important as service before the sale…and that is the ‘Aircon difference’.

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